About this site

I've been playing around with websites for a while now and set this one up in 2002. Back then it was using a Psion Organiser and Nokia 6210.

More recently it's been everything from raw HTML, to wordpress and many many options in-between.

I'm after a place to blog, throw photos or thoughts... basically a little corner of the internet I can call home.

This incarnation is hosted on (link: https://www.digitalocean.com/ text: DigitalOcean), using a package called (link: https://getkirby.com text: Kirby) which seems to be the best bits of (link: http://staceyapp.com/ text: StaceyApp) and (link: https://anchorcms.com/ text: AnchorCMS) with an Anchor theme called (link: https://github.com/ColeTownsend/Balzac text: Balzac) modified by me.