Background images at westonbirt

Amazing walk with friends with some beautiful colours at Westonbirt... and a lovely opportunity to shoot a few simple background images. Read Full Post

A wet walk in Sapperton Woods

We had a lovely time today in Sapperton Woods. Followed by Soup in the van! Read Full Post

Broads 2020

The Borads 2020 trip was certainly warm! I didn't take a huge number of photos - is there a point when simply all photos have been taken?! - after 25 years, maybe we are close to that point. That said, there was plenty of action shots! Another last conclusion, was that this was simply a beautiful… Read Full Post

Percy's Yellow Car

I've been looking forward to this day for quite a while. Actually,... ever since our friend Simon said he was 'working on something' and I knew it involved a body shell of a yellow car, the engine from a motorised wheel-chair and the chasis built from scratch - I knew it would be amazing. And it was… Read Full Post

Winter at Westonbirt

Just a lovely day in Westonbirt. Oh, but that was after the standard weekend playing with cardboard, tape and string... Read Full Post

Percy 5th Birthday Presents

An elaborate set-up I think Percy said he'd like his presents to be hidden for his Birthday, so we did 5 presents. He was 5. And a map. Obviously. Read Full Post

First Day at School

A beautiful day First day at school for my baby boy. And he was brilliant and brave. And so was his Mummy. Read Full Post

London Science Museum

We had a lovely Bank Holiday in London and went to the science museum with Percy and Nana. Great fun! Read Full Post

@Bristol with Nana

@Bristol really is a great day out and we had so much fun exploring and playing. Fab time. Read Full Post

Dad's Ashes

I finally managed to follow through on my Dad's wishes... Dad always made it clear that when he died he wanted to be with his Mum and Dad. Their grave is in a lovely Methodist Chapel in Terrington St Clement, so we made that happen today. The vicar, a lovely chap, helped with some prayers and readings,… Read Full Post

Broads 2019

Broads 2019 in Lullaby, Luna and Brown Bess Some snaps from the Broads 2019 holiday! We also had the usual exchange of fictional log entries before the holiday. Read Full Post

Elliott's Christening

Christening of our gorgeous godson Elliott Photography wasn't really allowed in the church so just a few photos from the church and the party afterwards. Plus, Percy gave an outing to his waistcoat and bowtie. Read Full Post

Comic Relief - all dressed in red

Comic Relief - 2019 For comic relief at nursery, Perc wanted to wear an all red outfit. So skiing thermals and a superman cape it was! With some of mummy's lipstick for good measure! Read Full Post

Belle Plagne Skiing 2019

A wonderful family holiday I managed to take a week off work and we went skiing in Belle Plagne. We had an amazing time, with Percy and Nic both doing an amazing job learning to ski. What a holiday!!! Read Full Post

Molly 4 Party

Treasure hunting for colour stamps marked with windmills and doing an egg and spoon race with raw eggs. Cracking party Read Full Post

Skating and Santa

Our regular trip to Santa, with a bit of skating too! Had a lovely time today and took a few snaps of Perc and Tilda & Elliott. Read Full Post

Exploring sheds with Nana

Just a quick trip to Dobbies, but Perc enjoyed exploring all the smallest sheds he could find with his Nana! All with him fuelled up by the worlds largest meringue. Read Full Post

Collecting worms

After a lovely gift of a wormery,... ...there is only one thing left to do. So I let Percy do that, whilst I took the photos. Never been a fan of worms. And can't really see why anyone would want to touch them. Cool to watch though, and take photos! Read Full Post

Scooting to swimming

Just thought I would take a few snaps scooting to swimming. Some lovely autumnal colours around in November. Read Full Post

Planting a Silver Birch

Planting a Silver Birch... We thought it would be nice to do something as today would've been my Dad's birthday. After some coffee and cake at Dobbies we selected a suitable tree - a Silver Birch - and Nic and Perc planted it in the garden, whilst I took photos (and dodged doing any gardening)! Happy… Read Full Post

First day at Stage Coach

Percy had his first session at Stage Coach, which he really enjoyed! Followed by a play in the garden with one of his friends. Read Full Post

Tap Repair Man

We've had a dripping tap for some time now, which I've simply never got round to fixing. Well it turns out we had a plumber in-the-making in the house all along. Job done! Can you fix it, yes you can! Read Full Post

Lego with Simon Boooooove

Percy was very excited that his friend Booooovy was coming and had told everyone at Nursery. Imagine the excitement when he was given a present! His very first set of Lego! And he loved it! Read Full Post

My first shots with the MP

A new camera! So I've re-joined the Lecia owners club with a Lecia M-P. I think the full name is something like M (240) and this is the P edition. It's an old one, but digital like my old M9. And at the time of writing this, they have an M10 out. So this fits between those, like an M9.5 I guess...… Read Full Post


A few photos from Polly's Christening I had a great laugh at the weekend at my Niece's Christening and managed to get a few snaps there (see ) and also got some of Percy enjoying all the fun, games and cake too. Read Full Post

Fairford Airshow 2016

F22 Raptor Just got a few old films developed that have been exposed over the last 12 months. Whilst there are better images available on the internet taken at Fairford 2016, in particular of the F22 Raptor, probably not many were taken with a fully manual Leica as fast as I took this,.. and on totally… Read Full Post

Exploring Westonbirt

I took Percy to Westonbirt to find the Gruffalo Some of my all time favourite shots of Perc at Westonbirt here. Read Full Post

Christmas Eve 2016

Getting ready for Christmas! For Christmas Eve we made a Gingerbread House. It was decorated, or at least that was the intention, by Percy - with a little help from Nana and Mummy. Later on in the day, we all went on an afternoon Steam Train (a.k.a ChooChooTrain ride through tunnels) to see Father Christmas.… Read Full Post


Percy's mates came over to ours Here are a few snaps from Percy's birthday that for some reason I didn't transfer. Read Full Post

Percys second Second Birthday

The second of his Second birthdays Opening presents with Nanny and Gramps. Then we took a trip to the wildlife park to see Percy's second-best-friend Matilda (best friend is apparently the choochootrain) (sorry Matilda). Read Full Post

Broads 2006

As usual in the pre-broads holiday excitement, we swapped a few emails predicting what would happen on the trip. READ FROM THE BOTTOM From: Andy Roberts <andy@xxxxxxx> To: Andy Roberts <andy@xxxxxxx>, Rowlands Chris J <chris@xxxxxx>, Jemma Gabler <jemma@xxxxxxx>, Janne Kaariainen… Read Full Post

Broads 2005

Wednesday (pm) Across the south of England all crew were making the last minute preparations for Broads2005. Captain Sahdev and crew member Steele elected to spend the evening before the trip out grooving at an Oasis gig. Cabin Boy Roberts (who had already bought his titanium cutlery) and Pirate Ford… Read Full Post

Broads 2002

We should be going some time towards the beginning of July. Looking forward to it already. This year promises to be a classic. Sahdev and myself, in a moment of madness booked to spend the week in a half decker. As its name would suggest, this is essentially an empty hull of a boat. Sleeping is going… Read Full Post

Broads 2001

Lullaby - Broads 2001 Captain - Chris Rowlands First Mate - Anne Barber Cabin Boy - Andrew Roberts Galley Slave - Neil Sahdev Friday 14th Moored: Anne's House Having finished work early, both the Skipper and the Engineer made their way to the first mate's house. The Engineer took a small diversion and… Read Full Post

Broads 1997

Lustre - Broads 1997 Captain and Chief Cook - Mike Rowlands Chief Engineer - Dave Rowlands First Mate - Chris Rowlands Cabin Boy - Andrew Roberts Friday 29/8 Buying Provisions. Despite "Broads 97" starting tomorrow most of the crew are working at some time today, except the skipper (he took the day… Read Full Post

The Scout Raft Race

When I was in the scouts the "dirty dozen" prided themselves on their resourcefulness. I think that we would be the first to admit that we were not the greatest troop in the world, in terms of ability, but we gave it a go, and we had fun trying. Part of this was an attitude not to take it all to seriously.… Read Full Post

Broads 1994

Lullaby - Broads 1994 Captain and Chief Cook - Mike Rowlands Chief Engineer - Dave Rowlands First Mate - Chris Rowlands Cabin Boy - Andrew Roberts Day 1 - 20/8/94 Place: Bank of the River Bure (near the Thurne Mouth) The Rowlands family rolled up at 8.20 already 20 minutes behind schedule. This was… Read Full Post