My first shots with the MP

A new camera!

So I've re-joined the Lecia owners club with a Lecia M-P.

I think the full name is something like M (240) and this is the P edition.

It's an old one, but digital like my old M9. And at the time of writing this, they have an M10 out. So this fits between those, like an M9.5 I guess... The "P" means its a bit more "pro" and is blacked out on the front (I stuck black tape all over my M9) and has more scratch resistant glass on the screen. I think the internals are faster too.

This particular example has a serious amount of patina too, and is from Ffordes who have a great service, always friendly and able to offer some advice.

So the next few months are about getting used to the "M" again. What the shots look like and getting my brain dialled back in to the whole manual/rangefinder experience.

I absolutely love it!

Sorry about the wonky exposure, framing and lack of post on these. For the next few months my intention is to go "lite" as I learn the camera and the look of the shots. So these are as shot.

Oh and the lens is a 40mm 1.4 nokton. As Ken rightly points out its stupid, for all very valid reasons. Snag is, I love the look of it, I love 40mm and I love having F1.4. Oh and its tiny. I also love the fact it didn't cost me 3 grand. No doubt at some point I'll find something more "Leica" though!